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Tregarthens Hotel, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

A luxury Isles of Scilly hotel with the best coastal location of any hotel on St Mary's.

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Swimming and snorkelling in the Isles of Scilly

Pure, unpolluted waters, magnificent sandy bays and a myriad of secluded coves make the Isles of Scilly perfect for paddling, swimming and snorkelling. When you stay at Tregarthen's Hotel, you're only a few minutes' walk from one of the most beautiful beaches on the islands – Porthcressa. The fine white sand and sparkling clear waters here make it ideal for families of all ages, and just right for a leisurely day's paddling, swimming or snorkelling.

For spectacular, unrestricted views of the large seal and bird colonies which thrive around the off-islands (plus the opportunity to snorkel with seals, if you choose), it's well worth taking one of the specialised sea safari tours which run regularly from St Mary's island. We can put you in touch with the operators.

Tregarthen's Hotel