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Tregarthens Hotel, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

A luxury Isles of Scilly hotel with the best coastal location of any hotel on St Mary's.

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For Group Tour Organisers

A Magical Hotel for Hosting Group Tours!

If you are a company that specialises in organising top quality group tours, then you need to be talking to the team here at Tregarthen’s Hotel!

They will be able to tell you how thrilled our group tour guests have been with the quality of the food and service at our lovely hotel.

They can explain to you how we have an unrivalled track record in hosting and managing luxury group trips and ensuring that every little detail is taken care of, so that your customers will be delighted with the quality and value for money they have experienced.

They will happily provide you with references and testimonials from other Group Tour Organisers who have been so impressed that they have now made Tregarthen’s Hotel a regular feature in their annual schedule.

And they will do their best to convey in words the magical quality of our breathtaking ocean front location with gorgeous sweeping views across the stunning blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

There is simply no other hotel in the world that has the exceptional atmosphere and charm of Tregarthen’s, a place all your guests will leave with special memories – and a desire to return as soon as possible.

Tregarthen's Hotel